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Today is one of thouse days my head is like in the middle of a dark room. My thoughts are basicacly of how life right now for me does not make sense at ALL! I don’t know anything about nothing; I even know how to explain this feeling, I’m a human been whose existence is completly irrelevent. I could die now and it would not make a real difference in the world, of course, the fact that I know that does not give me enough negative thoughs or courage to go kill myself, you know. Is wierd how fear works, at one point you realize you don’t know nothing, whats the point of living? What comes after we die? I don’t know, and I can’t believe in what any religion says that happens, I need to know, need to have some type of security that is that what happens, and of course I can get that until I die, but even if my all existence does not make sense for me at this moment and the only thing that could give the answer to my questions is dieying I’m still brave enough, or not brave, I feel to much fear of dieying because the same point, I dont know what happens after you die, after we die, +is scary to know that there is nothing, so I die and I would never know. But even if thats whats happens, whats the point of not killing yourself? Well, I have to stop getting this deep. I used to think that I thought too much about dieying, but I realize that is not something that makes me a ”deppresed” person, it actually makes me a deep person. All this of course from my one perspective. 

Living sometimes is great, is sweet and warm. The problem is when you see dead like something so far from you, when it actually can be a step forward the one you are taking right know, it could even be the one you are taking. So make sure that the step you take makes you:

- 1. HAPPY

- 2. Wiser

- 3. And free

Freedom is a really hard word, feeling or whatever you think it is. It depend on how you interpretered some people says that freedom those not exist. But I think if does, maybe we could talk about that later, if a Idont die first (hahaha :P) I’m goin to take a shower know. 

See us soon, 

well see my words soon